GCS provides responsive website design, development, and maintenance services to successfully create, launch, and maintain a new state-of-the-art website to suit your business and promote your brand in the market. The main characteristics of the web development solutions we present to you include a professional look and feel, creative concepts, easy to use navigation, eye-catching design, as well as a relevant mix of animation and graphics.
We understand that strategic planning is essential in order to create the most effective web presence for a brand. The initial phase of each development project we take-on is requirements analysis to create the roadmap for the project and ultimately to success. This phase includes assessing initial requirements, proposing navigation theme analyzed for usability, creating a design brief, and developing or confirming availability of content. With all elements clearly defined, we then compile a Detailed Requirements Document (DRD), and a Brief Design Document (DBD) which details the functional requirements for the website and content management system as well as the design and identity guidelines.

For optimal development, functionality, and scalability, our typical web development projects include:

  • Responsive Web Design, oriented layout and color schemes 
  • Complete Dynamic pages with full control from your site (Unlimited Pages) 
  • Content Management System (CMS) to allow your team to add/update/delete any data 24/7
  • Contact Us Form stored information in your database and send to email 
  • SEO-Friendly Site URL Structure 
  • SEO Considerations for the CMS 
  • XML site map


Having your website viewable on all kinds of devices and gadgets is no longer a “nice to have,” today it is a must in order to cater to consumer behavior and how people access information in this day and age. Our technology experts craft user-focused websites to provide an optimal viewing experience across devices from desktop computer monitors and laptops to tablets and mobile phones for easy reading and navigation with minimal resizing, panning, and scrolling. If you want to engage with customers and increase conversions, responsive web design is the way to go.

Our user-focused approach is ideal not only in responding to the ever-evolving range of devices that are used to view websites but also in making it easier to adapt for future innovations too. Using Responsive Web Design, we are effectively able to respond automatically to the user's preferences by developing sites that switch based on the screen size, orientation, and platform to display in the appropriate resolution and taking into consideration image size and scripting. We design websites that deliver your content and engage your customers across devices catering to users and today’s way of life to effectively grow your business.