There is a lot to benefit from VOIP in comparison to legacy telephony. 

The flexibility, feature improvements as well as the cost-saving benefits are just a few of the advantages available here. The major challenge with VOIP is the sheer number of options available. Granted that the basic aim of a good VOIP technology will be to meet your core telephony needs, emphasis should still be placed on the network infrastructure to ensure this works perfectly well in your environment.

So, how can SMBs find the right VOIP solutions even in the face of this challenge? In comes GCS Consultations with the highly valuable VOIP consulting services.

GCS’ VOIP Consultation Services

Businesses considering a transition to VOIP will have to worry about finding the best VOIP solutions to meet their core business needs. That means having to think through and analyze decisions of different kinds. Ordinarily, this would include an in-depth understanding of network requirements along with efficiency planning and familiarity with certain software and hardware features.

Why Choose GCS VOIP Consulting Services?

Our VOIP Consulting services here at GCS Consultations will help you identify your opportunities so you can weigh your options with VOIP. You can rest assured that we’ll be with you every step of the way, providing valuable input and leveraging our expertise and knowledge of the best practices in the industry. Our expertise in relation to VOIP spans certain areas that include;

Request For Proposal (RFP) Creation and Management

Switching over to a VOIP system is a challenge of some sort. Questions such as whether or not you should install a premise-based server, the need for a hosted solution, phones you may want to use, features your business will need, and many more need to be answered. We’ll start by consulting with you to ascertain your business needs to make this process a success from the beginning.

VOIP Installation & Migration

It takes time for businesses to adjust when switching to a new phone system. At GCS Consulting, we’ll be there to support you to address changes and fixes that may be needed during this transition.

SIP Security 

Our VOIP consulting services include assistance with number porting. We understand how challenging this often turns out to be. We’ll be there to oversee the process from making sure that the needed paperwork is taken care of down to taking care of all other issues to ensure you don’t start losing calls.

It doesn’t matter how challenging or demanding your business’s VOIP needs may be. Our experts at GCS Consultants will help you find answers to your questions so you can tick all of the boxes at the right places.