Adopting a proactive prevention-based approach to security is always a smart move in today’s business environment. That’s why you need effective anti-virus solutions to keep virus attacks at bay. You can’t afford to lose valuable time, money, and other resources to attacks. This will impede productivity as every minute lost to this attack represents a significant loss to your business. But then, choosing an anti-virus is still a tricky thing to do. 

Rather than going for stand-alone anti-virus software, you’ll be better with a managed anti- virus solution but that too still requires proper planning, selection, testing, deployment, updating, and reporting. That said, our managed anti-virus services here at GCS Consultants offer a great deal of value in keeping your computer systems protected from viruses and malware attacks.

Why Choose GCS Anti Virus Solutions?

Think a stand-alone anti-virus software is cheap? Our managed anti-virus services cost almost the same as standalone antivirus software but with more value and greater protection. While most stand-alone solutions will only provide point solutions to specific issues, GCS’s managed anti-virus services, on the other hand, offer a more proactive and comprehensive approach to security and monitoring.

Our managed anti-virus services also make deployment and updating a lot easier since these are centralized. This makes coverage and consistency a lot easier to achieve. Things get better when you know that our managed anti-virus services automate the processes involved in management so it can completely do away with errors while also reducing cost.

Our services also come with advanced security features available for companies of varying sizes. The major problem with stand-alone anti-virus software is reliability. You can’t be certain that everyone would continue to update the software as at when due. 

But this is not the case with our managed anti-virus services.  There is a certain level of peace of mind that you’ll get from our services in this case. You’ll be able to leverage the skills and expertise of a dedicated team of experts who are always available to ensure your computers and servers are well protected from virus attacks.

According to Gartner, as much as 95% of SMBs installed anti-virus software the last year and 75% of these businesses still end up experiencing one or the other forms of virus attacks. Downtime and the accompanying loss in productivity are the last things you would want for your business. You don’t have to wait and allow this avoidable problem to cripple your business. Contact GCS Consultants today to get started with reliable anti-virus services that will keep your servers and PCs protected from threats of all kinds.